Building Safety Professionals of Southwest Idaho

BSPSI is the Southwestern Chapter of the Idaho Association of Building Officials (IDABO)

Some of our goals:

Protect builders, organizations and consumers

Maintain professional standards of attainment and measurement

Provide timely cost savings and reduce energy load

Improve system reliability

Create new jobs

Save on energy bills

Reduce peak energy demand

Save businesses and residents on electricity and natural gas costs

Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases

Grow the economy

Provide greater investment in energy-efficient capital equipment

Reduce impacts on the environment

BSPSI Scholarship

Organization Information:  The Building Safety Professionals of Southwest Idaho (BSPSI) is one of six regional groups that in conjunction make up Idaho Association of Building Officials (IDABO), an official chapter of the International Code Council. IDABO was first recognized as an official chapter of the International Conference of Building Officials in 1958.

IDABO remains true to its primary goals of safety and welfare of the general public in the built environment. We include proper adoption of building safety and related construction codes among our goals, and to that end, we facilitate the education of building safety professionals, contractors, design professionals and the general public. We are part of a cooperative effort to help make our communities safer and better places to live.

Mission Statement: Here at BSPSI we are proud to offer up to three scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000 to the winners of our yearly building safety scholarship. This scholarship is an effort to give back to students who have chosen to pursue a career in one of the many building safety professions represented by BSPSI. Careers represented by BSPSI include: Building Officials, Inspectors, Plan Reviewers, Construction Managers, Architects, Engineers, and many more.

Board of Directors


Cache Olson

City of Nampa

Vice President

Jason Blais

City of Boise


Secretary / Treasurer

Bret Caluder

City of Meridian


Board Member

Patrick Sullivan

City of Nampa


Board Member

Bryan Gilbert

Ada County


Board Member

Chuck Pavelka

City of Melba


Board Member

Chris Bryant

City of Caldwell


Chapter Committees

  • Education: Cache Olson
  • Membership: Patrick Sullivan
  • Public Relations/Website: Bryan Gilbert
  • Government Affairs: Jason Blais
  • Bylaws: Patrick Sullivan
  • Nominations: Chris Bryant
  • IDABO Board Representatives: Jason Blais / Patrick Sullivan

Contact Us

Address: PO BOX 8382, Boise, ID 83707

Email: info@bspsi.org

Phone: 208-968-6771

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